About us..... 

 CEL Packaging Pvt.Ltd. Limited is a Total Packaging Solution Provider Company.  The project to manufacture corrugated boxes near Ahmedabad in Gujarat was setup in June 1996 with state-of-the art technologies and global capacities and can manufacture 4 lakh boxes a day!

The Manufacturing Division has been and transferred to our group company CEL Packaging Private Limited. with effect from January 16, 2009 Under the order passed by the Hon' able High Court of Gujarat.

CEL Packaging Pvt.Ltd. Limited is also into Wooden and Corrugated Pallets and offers Complete Palletized Solution to various exports all across India.

As Exports from India are increasing more and more and exporters are realizing that it is not sufficient to make a good quality product, it is also important to pack it well. A good product, if packed poorly, looks inferior. As this realization increases, there is a need for somebody to put up a factory to make quality boxes.

With the creative and intelligent use of world class technologies and global capacities, it manufactures world-class corrugated containers, that aid Indian Industry in its endeavor of providing more value at a lesser cost.

We make international quality corrugated boxes with multicolor printing and a high amount of sales appeal in the packing. We make attractively shaped and cut boxes, with or without handholds. The innovations possible are endless.

We have put up a world-class Design Studio, which we call Chrysalis. (Chrysalis is the membranous sheath inside which the dirty looking larva is metamorphosed into a beautiful butterfly. Similarly, the Chrysalis Design Studio is the environment in which the dirty looking brown corrugated box is metamorphosed, through the application of Creativity and Technology, into a structurally strong and visually beautiful box).

Chrysalis has a Box museum, which has a permanent area (of 10,000 sq ft) for displaying a collection of domestic and international samples of packaging of a wide variety of products. In addition, there is a large collection of items, made out of corrugated board, but which are not boxes. These are corrugated display units, danglers, dispensers and even toys! This set-up is used to stimulate prospective clients in developing packaging solutions for their products as they get to see the different approaches in packing a particular product. Once the client is convinced that a well designed package can really add value to his products, our design team starts interacting with him and the process of package design gets rolling. The design team studies the client's product thoroughly and understands his existing production and packaging line. The product is tracked from the production centre to the end user to understand the various ways and stages at which it gets handled. The data gathered from the interaction with the client and the field work conducted by the design team is then analyzed to arrive at a definite problem statement.

This studio produces high quality graphics and advanced, scientific design. It possesses state-of-the-art design software, hardware, and prototyping facilities. We have imported a sample-making machine, which can make actual inkjet printed samples to size in a matter of minutes. A team of engineers and creative design professionals ably supports all the hardware.